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Exceeding customer expectations is our mission

Every day at EBC, our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations. In order to measure whether or not we were meeting this level of service we conducted a survey of over 100 facilities professionals to determine their level of satisfaction with EBC. The survey confirmed our suspicions and hopes – that we are doing superb work and making our customer’s lives that much easier.

Success Stories from EBC Customers

“Our carpet is passing 12 years of age and its appearance is still exceptional. We believe we have extended the life of the carpet at least 3 years beyond expectations.”

“If all my contractors worked like EBC, my job would be a breeze.”

“The support staff at EBC have always been attentive, cooperative and congenial to work with. This is a great group of committed employees – I am proud to be a customer.”

“The system used by EBC is the best!”

“They continually seek input from us in order to customize the program to suit our needs.”

“The sales and service staff exceed when it comes to responsiveness.”

Which Carpet is 18 Years Old? Can You Tell?

One of these carpets is brand new and the other has been cared for by EBC for over 18 years, yet it’s almost impossible to tell the difference!

The Facility Manager where this carpet was installed was able to re-sell the 18 year old carpet to another company when their office was remodeled, diverting the carpet from the landfill! Read the entire story »

Proper care can make your carpet look better longer and your customers and associates will see and feel the difference. Learn about EBC's services »

We want your story.

Service excellence is an on-going process, and we need your feedback to continue to reach our goal. Contact Us »

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By developing custom maintenance programs, we work with each client to meet the individual needs of their facilities.

Read real customer testimonials »

An overwhelming number of clients expressed satisfaction with EBC and their MilliCare carpet maintenance service. We’re flattered, but not too surprised!

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