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Clean is our life.
Let us make it part of yours.

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Throughout our many years in business, we’ve learned that if you take a revolutionary product, back it with state-of-the-art research and development, combine it with proven processes, and put it in the hands of skilled professionals who care about their work, you end up with a service that’s pretty hard to beat – in any industry.

Take a moment to see the difference EBC can make in your space.

Who needs EBC?

The state of your facility and how you clean impact more people than you may realize. Are your current services properly caring for your facility, your employees and guests?

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How Does Cleaning Affect the Environment?

MilliCare technology reduces waste of worn carpets and furniture, uses less water than other cleaning products and improves indoor air quality.

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So What’s the Bottom Line?

Clean carpet and textiles last longer, improve employee satisfaction and impress your customers. Can you afford not to use EBC services?

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From starting clean to living clean, we’ll make your space feel alive.

4 Steps to Feeling Alive »

Every facility starts out clean. But how do you keep the dirt and grime away over time?

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