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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers. Click on the links below or scroll down to find the answer to our most commonly asked questions.

  1. Why is dry better?
  2. My carpet is new. Why do I need to maintain now?
  3. How does the cost of MilliCare compare to other carpet cleaning systems?
  4. Can I buy the MilliCare products and have my people do it?
  5. How does MilliCare’s environmental story compare to other cleaning systems?
  6. I have facilities in multiple locations and regions across the country. Can EBC help?
  7. What is the process to analyze my needs?
  8. Does the MilliCare process require any “drying time” or will my facility experience any downtime?
  9. How often should I be vacuuming and spot cleaning our carpet?
  10. How is EBC different from other companies?

Why is dry better?watch video

Dry carpet care means utilizing little to no water. MilliCare dry extraction cleaning saves time, leaves no residue, and is gentler on your carpet’s fiber, color, and backing systems. Wet extraction systems leave water behind leaving carpet susceptible to mold and bacteria growth. Chemicals added to the water coat the fibers with residue causing rapid resoiling. That is, carpet gets dirtier faster. Surprisingly, most carpet manufacturers and the carpet cleaning equipment industry instruct customers to wet extract their carpet and endorse frequent cleanings. Imagine what your carpet would look like in just a few years time if you started extracting the highest trafficked areas in your building and then repeated the process month after month. It would very quickly look old and dirty. The good news is that MilliCare can clean often without these same detrimental effects. Contact us at MilliCare by EBC for the long term results you want and a high level of service and experience you can count on. We have used a better cleaning process and a superior technology for more than twenty years; over ten thousand facility and building managers have used MilliCare and have been thrilled with the results.

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My carpet is new. Why do I need to maintain now?watch video

The best time to begin a maintenance regimen is when the carpet is new. Over time, dirt and soil break down carpet fiber and cause long term damage. When the carpet actually starts to look dirty, it’s too late! Damage to your expensive flooring investment has already begun. Fibers have started to scratch and wear causing “traffic patterns” and an overall dirty appearance. Sure, you can do a restorative clean once or twice a year using other cleaning systems, but this is not preventive maintenance. The only way to achieve a consistently high level of appearance and truly extend the life of your carpet is with a proactive MilliCare maintenance plan starting now, before damage begins.

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How does the cost of MilliCare compare to other carpet cleaning systems?

Glad you asked. Quite favorably, actually. It’s important to keep in mind that when comparing cost you don’t just look at the price per square foot per cleaning. Instead, it is very important that you look at two things: annual budget (cost/carpeted square foot/year) and life cycle costing. First, MilliCare is unique in that we can truly work within your budget to provide a customized dry care program. Other systems, like wet extraction, are usually forced to clean all carpeted space each and every time. Millicare, on the other hand, has the ability to “blend clean” carpet allowing us to clean high traffic areas on a higher frequency and keep the overall look of the space consistent. This allows you to get more value out of your budget dollars, because you are proactively addressing the high trafficked areas that need the most attention and not over-cleaning areas that can use a lower frequency. Second, life cycle costing is very important. Think about it. If MilliCare can extend the useable life of your carpet, doesn’t that lower your annual total cost of ownership? If you are interested in having us calculate what it would cost for you to have a customized dry care program in your facility or would like to learn more about life cycle costing, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

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Can I buy the MilliCare products and have my people do it?

MilliCare is a system, not a product. To effectively maintain carpet over its lifetime, training is required. It's important not only to understand the type of carpet that is installed in your facility but also the condition of your work space and the type of soiling that is most likely to occur in your building. EBC’s trained and certified technicians are uniquely qualified to assess your space, to implement a program designed to fit your needs and budget, and to take that worry out of your work day. Carpet care in an indoor environment has become increasingly more complex and a higher level of knowledge and training is required to care for today’s carpets in today’s facilities. EBC technicians are highly trained, motivated, long-term, full-time employees. They have gone through multiple background and drug tests and are depended on by over 800 facility managers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. So let us do what we do best, and feel confident in your choice to outsource your carpet cleaning needs to Millicare by EBC. You will be gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience and ultimately letting your people do more of what they do best.

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How does MilliCare’s environmental story compare to other cleaning systems?watch video

A lot of companies talk about “being GREEN,” but MilliCare lives it every day. In fact, by using MilliCare, you not only protect your assets and extend the useable life of your carpet, but you also take advantage of a cleaning system that has one of the strongest environmental stories in the industry. Here are the specific benefits:

  • Reduction in water and energy consumption compared to other carpet cleaning systems. In fact, MilliCare's dry care system uses ninety-nine and one half percent less water and reduces energy consumption by eighty-five percent compared to hot water extraction.
  • Reduction of landfill waste by extending carpet life ultimately saving the customer a significant amount of money.
  • Indoor air quality is actually improved using MilliCare. Our process is not just safe for the people in your building, but when used in conjunction with an effective HVAC system, removes up to ninety-nine percent of pollutants and harmful VOCs.
  • Uses Green Seal Certified products.
  • Ability to help earn points in multiple credits under the USGBC’s LEED for Exsiting Buildings: Operations & Maintenance program.


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I have facilities in multiple locations and regions across the country. Can EBC help?

Absolutely. We have a solution for you - EBC National. If centralized invoicing, single point of contact, reduction in the number of vendors in your portfolio, and the ability to manage your carpet maintenance program online through a propriety software program are important to you, click here to learn more. EBC National can help provide you with a consistent, standardized solution across all of your locations and, most importantly, make your life much, much easier. How many carpet cleaning companies can make that claim?

What is the process to analyze my needs?watch video

We pride ourselves on being Carpet Care “experts.” Because of our experience, we know that all customers and their buildings are unique. As a result, we work very hard to create customized floor care solutions based one hundred percent on your specific needs. How do we determine those needs? We visit your building, ask a lot of questions, and watch closely to see how the space is used. It’s important that we really understand and know your facility before recommending a specific maintenance program. We take measurements, determine traffic flow patterns, learn about the areas that get the most spots/spills, look at the different carpets and flooring products, and, most importantly, try to understand your expectations. Once all this takes place, we recommend a program that will exceed your expectations now and keep your carpet looking great well into the future.

Does the MilliCare process require any “drying time” or will my facility experience any downtime?

Are you ready for some great news? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is one of the things that truly makes MilliCare so different from other cleaning systems. Traditional hot water extractions have to be completed at night or on weekends, whenever your facility is not being used. The carpet then has to dry before it can be walked on. MilliCare’s dry, polymer system means no downtime for your facility, because the carpet is ready for use as soon as we’re finished cleaning. In fact, we can even perform cleans during regular business hours. With dry care, we work around your schedule, any schedule. We also have the ability to take away one of the biggest complaints in the carpet cleaning industry - WET CARPET! As a result, your headaches are minimized and overall productivity in your building can be maximized.

How often should I be vacuuming and spot cleaning our carpet?

Proper vacuuming is one of the most important components of a total preventive maintenance program. Ineffective equipment, inadequate procedures, and insufficient vacuuming can accelerate the appearance loss of carpet by allowing dirt and grit to penetrate the pile surface. Getting the dirt out of your carpet makes both short- and long-term care of your flooring more effective. Normally, a janitorial/in-house staff is assigned the task of scheduled vacuuming and spot and spill removal. For maximum soil removal, an upright, top-filled, dual-motor vacuum with a beater brush should be used. For proper spot and spill removal, be sure to use the appropriate chemicals and to always test them on a small, hidden piece of carpet before widespread use.

When deciding on how often to vacuum, consider the traffic in your space. A good rule of thumb is as follows:

  • High traffic: Vacuum every full work day.
  • Medium traffic: Vacuum every other work day.
  • Low traffic: Vacuum once per week.

Proper spot cleaning is critical for an effective carpet maintenance program and for appearance retention. It should be handled on a daily basis by the janitorial/in-house personnel. Unfortunately, they are not always well-educated on what cleaning chemicals and processes should be utilized. We at MilliCare by EBC, however, can provide you with both the proper chemicals and training you need to take on this extremely important task. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information or assistance.

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How is EBC different from other companies?

Ask yourself, “What is most important factor you consider when rating a vendor?” This is a question we, at EBC, ask ourselves every day. We constantly strive to understand the needs of our customers and, more importantly, to determine how we can help them solve those needs. Our competition, on the other hand, usually focuses solely on price and how to clean the carpet. For us, that is just the beginning. Being able to effectively clean your carpet within a budget that works for you is our prerequisite. We MUST be able to do these things in order to build a sustainable relationship. Our goals, however, go much, much further. We want to exceed your expectations. We have built our business around happy customers; the best way to ensure happy customers is to hire and keep the right people. Our team focuses on professionalism, communication, follow-up, reliability, trust, and building long, lasting relationships. Clean carpet and working with your budget is a given. Great people who constantly work for the happiest customers possible, that's EBC.

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