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About EBC Carpet Service Corporation

EBC Carpet Service Corporation, a MilliCare franchise, is a team of associates committed to providing the highest level of customer service available. Whether performing a proactive carpet maintenance program or a one-time cleaning of conference room chairs, we will be at your facility on time, well trained and ready to make you feel confident in your choice to utilize our services.

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We’ve been growing, and we’re still growing.

Since its inception in 1989, EBC has believed that proactive facilities maintenance programs have to be linked to superior customer satisfaction. EBC is the world’s largest MilliCare franchise and one of the largest commercial carpet maintenance companies in North America. And while many competitors have tried to imitate our quality service and high standards, in the end, they fall short while we grow by leaps and bounds.

Our high-quality service has been independently recognized.

To ensure quality, Milliken & Company, our franchisor, partners with only one franchisee in each market area. EBC Carpet Services currently owns four franchises and maintains carpet and upholstery throughout the mid-Atlantic region. While we acknowledge that Milliken & Company provides us with the best carpet cleaning product on the market, it is EBC’s quality service that truly sets us apart:

  • The 1994, 1996 and 1998 winner of the State of Delaware Quality Award
  • Awarded 1999 and 2000 Super Stars in Business from the State of Delaware Chamber of Commerce for overall performance, quality programs, customer satisfaction techniques and financial success
  • Chosen by MilliCare Textile and Carpet Care as the “Role Model” franchise for their network

What does it mean to be a role model?

Most MilliCare franchisees have visited EBC’s Delaware office for training. These visits allowed new franchisees to benchmark our sales, scheduling, operations, and human resources processes; our Quality Assurance Process has been modeled in North & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. To date, EBC has trained over 75 MilliCare contractors worldwide.

Discover what else sets EBC apart from the rest

Our Team »

Our experienced technicians are trusted partners ready to develop a custom maintenance plan to properly care for your facility.

Our Approach »

Our associates seek to deliver the highest standard of care for our customers with the goal to exceed expectations for each and every service engagement.

Our Locations »

Headquartered in Wilmington, DE, we have branches and offer services throughout the region and the ability to scale nationally to meet your needs.

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